What We Do

The NAWL promotes women’s equality by...

  • lobbying for change to federal and provincial laws and regulations,
  • producing publications on legal issues affecting all aspects of women’s lives,
  • consulting with government officials on legal issues of concern to women,
  • providing legal expertise in the service of the Canadian women’s movement,
  • advocating for gender equality in the courts and in the legal profession,
  • sponsoring pan-Canadian conferences that formulate policy positions on such critical issues as the feminization of poverty, international perspectives on women and the law, and reproductive technologies,
  • hosting workshops and consultations on gender bias in the criminal justice system, family law and in the legal profession,
  • promoting feminist scholarship through our Charitable Trust for Research and Education,
  • organizing public education activities through our regional campus caucuses on legal issues affecting women, and
  • promoting feminist perspectives on current legal issues through the media.