Annual Report 2014-2015

Message from the National Steering Committee 

In 2014-2015, NAWL continued operating with a skeletal structure. While committed to remaining administratively sound, the National Steering Committee decided that, in keeping with the direction set the previous year, we would spend as few resources as possible given an inability, without state funding, to do the research and advocacy work the organization was designed to do. Consistent with the decision made in 2013/2014, NAWL ceased all fundraising activities, including its annual letter campaign in the fall.

Despite an extremely reduced structure, in 2014/2015 NAWL continued to work toward its vision of providing feminist law students with the skills necessary for advancing systemic law reform remedies at the federal level.

The NAWL Charitable Trust for Research and Education, with generous support from Shirley Greenberg, is close to completing work on the development of an online Feminist Law Reform Course for broad access through the NAWL website. To this end, over 80 edited video clips have been developed, closed captioned and in some cases subtitled, for various modules of the online course. A number of students, lawyers and law reform experts donated their time and expertise to develop these videos and ensure their accessibility. The video clips are accompanied by suggested readings, discussion questions and assignments. Course modules cover a broad range of topics, including:

  •   Foundational concepts in equality law and policy

  •   Funding the law reform process

  •   The federal law reform process

  •   Lobbying

  •   Members of Parliament

  •   Parliamentary Committees

  •   Writing Opinion Editorials

  •   Filing Access to Information Requests

  •   Media Relations

  •   Working in Coalition

It is our hope that by the New Year, this free and highly practical course in law reform advocacy will be launched and that it will strengthen work to advance women’s equality in Canada. In addition to work on the Feminist Law Reform Course, in 2014/2015 NAWL also worked to update its website in order to ensure a complete picture of the organization’s activities and resources since defunding. 


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