Same-Sex Marriage

Not allowing lesbians to marry sends the message that lesbian relationships are not valuable or worthy of support. Lesbians want the ability to marry to obtain the benefits of marriage and also to change that historical message of exclusion. They also want to be recognized as mothers and co-parents.

Briefs on Same-Sex Marriage and Families

In 2003, NAWL presented a Brief to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights in support of recognition of same-sex marriage.

In March 2000, NAWL presented a brief to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights on the substantive rights of lesbians. NAWL’s position was that governments must respect the equality of same-sex spouses, including the right to marry.

Jurisfemme Articles

Spring 2005
“Marriage, Homophobia and Substantive Equality”, by Margaret Denike

Fall 2004
“Should Feminists Care About Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples?”, by Karen Busby

Summer 2003
“Same-Sex Hearings”, by Margaret Denike

Fall 2002
“Civil Union and the New Filiation Rules in Québec, From Ignorance to the Legal Recognition of the Homoparental Family”, by Marie-France Bureau