Gender and the Law Handbook

Posted 2012-10-21 in Public Education Tools, Research and Working Papers

The NAWL Charitable Trust for Research and Education has published an alternative orientation guide to law school: Gender and the Law Manual: An Introductory Handbook for Law Students. The Manual was compiled by a working group of 8 law students from across Canada following a leadership summit held by NAWL in February 2011. It aims to provide feminist and equality seeking law students with hope, encouragement and inspiration as well as with some of the tools they may need to survive law school and legal practice.

The Manual also aims to encourage feminist students and future lawyers to think critically about the law and take action to denounce inequality and injustice.

The Gender and the Law Manual consists of manifestos, excerpts of articles and personal accounts written by 25 feminist students, professors, lawyers and activists.

Read and download the manual here.