NAWL Brief on the Proposed Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Bill C-11) to the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration

Posted 2001-04-23 in Presentations to Government

Although we recognize that a number of important reforms are being introduced with Bill C-11, we are deeply concerned about the bill’s lack of progress for immigrant and refugee women. Our brief will discuss some of the important avenues of reform, from the specific perspective of women, taking into account not only gender, but also race and class. We will not comment on other important aspects of the bill that cry out for improvement, as the Canadian Council for Refugees, the Canadian Bar Association, the Coalition for Just Immigration and Refugee Policy and INTERCEDE, for example, have already done so in their excellent briefs.

Brief developed by:
The National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL)
The West Coast Domestic Workers Association (WCDWA)
La Table féministe francophone de concertation provinciale de l’Ontario
The National Organization of Immigrant and Visible Minority Women of Canada (NOIVMWC)

Table of Contents


1. A Human Rights Framework

1.1 Mainstreaming a gender perspective
1.2 Adopting a Human Rights framework

2. Family Class Immigration

2.1 Family reunification as a human right
2.2 Family class: who is in, who is out?
2.3 The Sponsorship Regime
2.3.1 The right of a sponsored person to permanent residence
2.3.2 Relieving the burden of the sponsorship undertaking
2.3.3 Spousal sponsorship
2.3.4 Bars to Sponsorship
2.3.5 The execution of the sponsorship undertaking

3. Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications and Fee

4. Temporary Workers

4.1 In Canada Landing Class for Temporary Workers
4.2 The Live-In Caregiver Program

5. Refugee Admissions

5.1 Gender-based persecution
5.2 Refugee Family Reunification
5.2.1 Lack of Identity Documents Delays Landing
5.2.2 Security and Criminality concerns Delay Landinh
5.2.3 Processing Delays
5.2.4 Refugee Family Reunification after Landing

6. Enforcement

6.1 Human Smuggling and Trafficking
6.2 Detention

7. HIV Testing, Education for Minor Children, Adjustment of Status Programme

Summary of Recommendations

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